That taco stand put SOUR cream in my Commander-Supreme! -OR- At least this game won't give you e.coli.

The only time I feel it is necessary to write a review is when a game is under/over appreciated or under/over hyped. In this case the game is OVER HYPED. I come from a background of StarCraft, WarCraft, Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, and Rise of Nations. I run a AMD64x2 /w GeForce 7950gx2. As you've probably heard, Supreme Commander is all about scale. You can zoom out to the point where the game looks like an ant farm, or you can zoom in to the point where even microbes feel the need to close the shower curtains. Either level of zoom is pretty useless, and the only time you zoom out all the way is to navigate the map. Most of the time you will be playing at a normal zoom like any other RTS. Yes, zoom was part of the hype. How does the level of zoom make such a big deal in peoples' review???...BLAH Speaking of scale, it will definitely take the average RTS player some time to get used to the size of the units and pretty much not enjoying seeing them. By this I mean that most of the units are pathetically tiny to just to make the big units seem bigger. The big units, aka experimental, aka fatties are the real eye candy in the game. I don't know why they call them experimental, whats the experiment? And besides, you would think computers that far in the future could simulate the units usage...TANGENT, BLAH. They are insanely overpowered and a single one can rip through a base with little or no support from lesser units. They take approximately 40 minutes to 2 hours to make depending on which one you want. SET UP SOME DEFENSE AND READ A GOOD NOVEL WHILE YOU WAIT, YES THIS GAME IS HOURS AND HOURS OF GAMEPLAY WHOOPDEEDOO...BLAH. In the end, the game amounts to who can make a fatty the fastest. There is no gameplay whatsoever before that, go build an actual army to destroy a base and see how inefficient it is. Speaking of inefficiencies, the game is bogs down your CPU because it actually tries to calculate all the projectile trajectories instead of dice rolling like most RTS's. This means the game is heavy on the CPU which then means to some people that it must be good because it requires CPU power that is not even out yet...yea that makes sense, BLAH. The last thing I have to say about gameplay is just the way you interact with your units and how they function. It just feels awkward and cumbersome. For a game that is all about macro management a player should not have to click on their own builder and then scroll through the builders construction selection when they all build the same thing! A player should simply be able to click a building to build and the closet engineering unit that can go build it does it. For a macro manage RTS, this feature is essential and Supreme Commander lacks it. Furthermore, Supreme Commander lacks a decent formation system. Sometimes the units will walk around a lot before they form up. Also, once the units are formed you cannot make them inch forward, when they move they have to scramble up and reform AGAIN. This wastes so much time and can get your army killed. Some other things, air units in the game are useless because a handful of anti-air turrets can take them out. The turrets will destroy them so fast that even kamikaze missions are useless. And if you have units that can go in a base and destroy the turrets YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE THE BASE WITHOUT AIR UNITS. Every game starts out with a commander which is this corny looking robot, and it can be upgraded. It makes so much sense that the commander be on the field with the troops with all the best weapons equipped while the army is ill-equipped and then not have him fight because if the game settings are adjusted to what most people play, when the commander dies, you loose. The graphics in the game are decent but everything just feels generic. THE UNITS DO NOT SPEAK OR HAVE ANY PERSONALITY. This really is an extremely superficial game and the story line does just enough to keep you going. The only reason I gave this game a value of 9 is because it seems to have a community that will probably support the game forever and be around for multiplayer battles. The bottom line is that the game is only fun for a while, once the novelty wears out only a few hardcore players will remain playing it. I recommend playing the demo before buying. For the price of one Commander-Supreme you could get 12 burrito supremes. It really disturbs me though to see that this game could get a 91 on PC gamer or a similar score on other review sites, it is suspicious at best. But if you don't believe my review, I pretty much agree with the 1up and Gamespot review and I think they are the most accurate.