Is Sonic Fast Enough To Catch Up To The Wii System Sales.

Okay just played through the tranning and the 1st world , the game seems better then when I 1st put it in my Wii for the traning part which is really boring and kind of dreadfull to do. Once I've got a bit more use to the controller the game felt way better to play and you get use to how his garbage jumping works, but feels better when you get use to the mechanic of it. I do say give the game a chance past the 1st level because when you pick up the game from the begining it doesn't really give such a great 1st impression with its tranning course.

So i'm basically saying get past the beginning untill at least the 2nd World and then give it your final thought , because I felt the game doesn't even justify the average reviews at first , but then the game actually got better as you gain more skills and you get use to the controller as the game progresses , I also liked the mini games they're very cool especially as an extra to the game. The game is still an average game and I agree with most of the reviews , This is deffiently the best Sonic game on a Home console for a while now , I'm not counting that in with Sonic Rush cause that was awesome an Sonic game on the DS. Overall I still think it's fun and cool to see Sonic again in a better form. I wouldn't pay more then $40.00 for this game and retail should have had an MSRP of 39.99 I don't think it's really a $50.00 value game so find a coupon or on sale and get it like I did for $40.00.

I would probably give it around a 7.7 if I was to rate it on a 1-10.

+Graphics are really nice especially to see them on the Wii , being it takes advantage of 480P and 16:9. Makes my Sonic look even crisper which is always my favorite thing to see from games.