Epic... Empire: Total War is a revolutionary genre definer.

For years the gaming community has bin indulging themselves within the depths of the total war series, and for years it has been one of the most enjoyable games on shelves. But what really does Empire: Total War introduce to us. What makes it special? What makes it different? Empire: Total War is a revolutionary RTS that combines the greatest points in the other Total War games and contributes many more groundbreaking events.

With the release, many were anxious for this game, including myself. I have been following Empire: Total War's release for weeks, marking it off on my date list. To say the least, the Total War designers had something to live up to. And they gave us exactly what we wanted.

Does this mean they gave us what we've bin waiting for? Certainly in many cases but this is a revolutionary game. Empire: Total War has many aspects that make it one of the most creative and stratagetic games on the shelves. A perfect example of this is Naval Combat. This new sea based combat is revolution all together.

What could we want more from the game? With many players still trying to get their paychecks together to buy the game, those who have bought it should be satisfy. With the exception of minor glitches and some over powered units, this game is what is described as "perfect."

Play Empire: Total War. If you have followed the Total War series or just want something new, Empire: Total War is for you. Pro or noob, casual or hardcore, you will enjoy this game.