Love it, even though it feels like Far Cry II.

I loved Far Cry. It was a given that I'd pick up this game. I'm not disappointed by any means. Like Far Cry, Crysis can't be played with the rush in with guns ablazing, but stealth plays a huge factor in your survival.

Graphics are excellent of course. We've all read how great they are. They'll be fantastic for a couple of years, when you can finally max them out with an affordable graphics card. For now they still look great on a lower resolution and medium settings. Sound is excellent, and really makes for an immersive experience. The abilty to swap out different mods for the weapons is a nice touch. I like being able to switch to a single fire mode with the sniper scope, to conserve ammo.

I've experienced a few game crashes due to memory leaks that was easily rectified with a system re-boot.

I find the game quite open, I've avoided battles by sneaking around them, only to go back and do the fight anyway. I've taken cover under a pile of dead bodies that I'd racked up from sniping them from a hill, and then picked off their buddies when they came looking for me.

Fun game, but I think a patch may be needed for some minor performance issues.