Little Big Planet is one of the greatest games of all time because it has something for every kind of gamer

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Little Big Planet is the first game from Media Molecule and is nothing short of a Masterpiece

PROS:Great game for co-op! an elaborate level designer were you can make basically anything you can think of, huge online community where you can enjoy other player created levels, no end to the fun

CONS:lack off a good single player storyline,when there is more than one player in the camera view and one of them gets ahead it messes up the view a little(this is not a reason to stay away from co-op!)

Little Big Planet is a superb game. you can do tons of stuff for enjoyment. The game is still amazing only counting the single player, but when you add the level creater and the huge online community this is a game that for no circumstance should be missed. The game is best when played with a friend. If you are scared that this is some stupid kids game you are wrong, this game is fun for everyone. If you don't believe me just rent and you be put under the same spell as everyone else. thanks for reading and hope this helped

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