ps2 version blew ps1 version out the water. LIGHTING DOESN'T STRIKE TWICE!!!

User Rating: 6.2 | Madden NFL 07 PS3
Madden 07 is a good game (if you never played madden 01-06). My biggest upset is the announcer, he's repetitive and boring. The graphics are amazing, and even better if you don't care for 1st down markers, kickers with bigger arms than running backs, and ball-boys, on the sideline. I don't know if ea has another production team working the next gen games or not, but honestly, I WOULD'VE BEEN MORE SATISFIED IF IT WAS THE SAME EXACT GAME AS THE PS2 VERSION WITH BETTER GRAPHICS. The gang tackling feature isn't all it's cracked up to be, it looks really choppy when you see it in action. I thought that the last time I would yawn playing a football game was back when the quarterback club games were still around, but madden has proved me wrong. I play with the 49ers and I'm running all over all the top ranked teams even on the hardest level, what happen to the madden I used to play, do the developers even play football games. WHY DID CHANGE SO MUCH? I'll tell you why. Madden bought out the NFL franchise a few years ago, and I believe that's when the egos start growing, because since then the games have been going downhill and honestly if NFL 2k series was still around, I believe madden would've been canceled similar to the Nba Live game. Nba 2k7 blew it out the water. Honestly if you are gonna buy out a franchise, don't just give up because you have no competition, this game can be a lot better than this, I believe they only used 1/4 of the capacity of the blu ray disc and got lazy. THIS GAME IS DEFINITELY A RENTAL. I feel so bad now, I used to invite people over and play madden, now I get laughed at for mentioning it. EA YOUR CONSUMERS ARE NOW HAPPY, AND I'M NOT BUYING THIS GAME NEXT YEAR UNLESS IT'S MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. GOOD LUCK. THIS GAME GETS A 6.0