Why changes to the Madden 2007

User Rating: 7.2 | Madden NFL 07 PS3
Okay I'm one of the lucky ones to get the golden ticket on PS3 launch. I''ve been playing Madden since Sega Gensis, and the very first game I grab was Madden 07. I know they alter every new madden on a different system. But I've been playing this game since yesterday. And I noticed alot of features that was either been edited out or just for gotten about. Like when making players in Superstar mode, you was always given a chance to alter their look like tattoos, hair, blah blah. On this madden they give you probably around a dozen faces to choice from but you can not alter there look. Also one thing I really don't like is that they totally changed the controller. The gameplay has been totally be reveresed. Now you use R2 to sprint, changing up you D from pressing Triangle its now X. And the biggest thing that makes me real mad is that YOU CAN NOT CHALLENGE PLAYS!!
I had alot of plays on here that I would like to have challenged, and hopefully gotten a reverese. Also, they graphics are real nice, but one thing that kinda caught me off guard, was when they showing players faces every person eyes look like came off the set of the new Thriller video. The players eye look to dang weird. But other then those major alterations, I hoping next year they change it up like Madden 07 on the PS2.