Much better than what it's getting credit for

User Rating: 7.5 | Madden NFL 07 PS3
A very good debut for the 360 that lacks some features that prevent t from being classic. Other than that it's a solid debut. It is a much better debut for the PS3 than MAdden 06 was for the 360. This game doesn't seem to have massive frame rate problems in comparison, but it still has some glitchy game play. The defensive secondaries don't react like they should. The default difficulty has been made easier. I shut out the Pats 71-0 and Charlie Frye through for 6 TD passes... IN THE FIRST HALF!! Even if it is default difficulty, no one should have that easy of a time on default in the first couple of days of playing the game.

The player and crowd animations are stellar. The sound is equally nice. The controls are simple and easy (really no different from previous versions). The gameplay does seem glitchy, but it actually has some areas that are much better than the 360 version. I have yet to see phantom tackling, which is always good.

A good debut for the PS3 but still could be a lot better. Not bad for being the only NFL game available.