madden bombs out on the 360 version again

User Rating: 5 | Madden NFL 07 X360
I have been buying madden games since it was with super Nintendo. They were all great games but this year and last year were really bad on the 360. The defense is too easy it just doesn’t feel like it made a next-gen jump. Sure its got more animations and better graphics, but madden 07 for the Xbox 360 is nothing but a ps2 version of the game with some 360 polish on it. Its like the old saying says, you can put a 1500 dollar suit on a pile of crap it will look good but the truth is its still crap. If you have an Xbox or ps2 don’t waste your 10 bucks and just buy that game. I love madden games I really do but I think that it needs the NFL 2K series. EA is getting lazy when it comes to next-gen.