EA has done it again!! (Hint: This is a NOT a good thing!)

User Rating: 5 | Madden NFL 06 PS2
EA has done it again!! They've found a way to wrap up a piece of crap game into a nice, neat package, slap a bow on it and still sell millions of copies! But don't be fooled: Madden's success can only be attributed to EA's stellar marketing team and an ever-so-loyal group of fans. You can't, however, attribute any of its success to Madden 06 actually being a quality product. It's pretty unfortunate that EA Sports went through the entire process of purchasing the NFL license only to produce a game like THIS! It's even more unfortunate that Sega's NFL 2K franchise had to be sacrificed. Before last year, I was as big a fan of Madden as anyone, but after playing NFL 2K5, I believed I was witnessing the future of football video games! It's a shame I was only able to enjoy the game for one season.

I've already made a vow to never buy another game of NBA Live. Unless Madden improves next year, I will walk away from it, too.