Techno and base! In the cubic disco!Yeah.....

User Rating: 9.4 | Lumines: Oto to Hikari no Denshoku Puzzle PSP
To tell you the truth when I first got the PSP I did not get Lumines ! I simply got a rpg (Popolocrois) and a racing game (Most Wanted) which I thought were the best at that time but I was wrong because there was still a game or better a new legend......
I got Lumines for 10$ and I thought well lets try it ! I got on the subway and put it in my PSP and the fun began!
Lumines is really unique first you get to choose a character which will be your logo through the game and then you will have to drop square blocks composed of four little blocks in order to make deletes (Like Tetris).The graphics are simply amazing and you will beg to unlock new skins.The music is simply Techno and will make you stick to the game for a long time!
There are 6 different game modes : 1.Time attack: 60 sec,130 sec,300 sec ,600 sec.The goal here is to delete as many blocks as you can in this amount of time!If you achieve to delete them you geet cool mascote characters!
2.Challange mode:I love this one you will have to make as many points as you can while the level goes up and the themes change .Here you get to unlock the best Skins !
3.Single Skin mode: Here you can choose one of the unlocked skins and delete blocks for fun or in my case to beat the hell out of lumines lol!
4.Puzzle mode: This one is really cool.You will have to make block patterns as the game instructs you and believe me it is pure fun !(and hard too)
5.VS cpu mode: In this mode you have a split screen in which you duel with the cpu and if you win you get the skin and the mascote ! The coolest mascotes are here so this mode is really important!
6.The multiplayer mode in which you can battle with your friends and beat the hell out of them!
Well if you have a PSP you must get Lumines! And your psp will become a block disco!
Juxhe1 8)