Lufia: The Legend Returns Cheats For Game Boy Color

  1. 100,000 Gold From Fugo

    After defeating Erim, Daos, Amon, and Gades in the Tower of Twilight, head for Albano BEFORE you defeat Zalbak. Speak to Fugo in the 2nd floor of his mansion and he will give you 100,000 Gold. You can do this mutiple times, just keep talking to him.

    Contributed by: JetbunnyTheSecond 

  2. Beat the Egg Dragon easily

    Use any healing item or spell on the Egg Dragon, (preferably a potion) and its HP will become the amount you healed it for. Then finish him off with your next attack. The Egg Dragon allows you to fight it as much as you want, so you can keep fighting to gain massive EXP, LP, and Gold.

    Contributed by: Mr_Weird_Guy 

  3. Start Over mode

    After finishing the game you can start a new game in Start Over mode. This mode quadruples the amount of EXP, LP and Gold received.

    Contributed by: Darkcyde 

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