How could anyone give this game a score less then 8 (atleast) when its so friken epic?)-

User Rating: 8.5 | Lost Planet: Extreme Condition PS3
Well, from what i gathered so far by searching the gamespot forums, etc etc, not alot of people find this game that good, however, i just think they're afraid that the previously 360 exclusive has gone multiplatform. But fanboyism aside, no offence to anyone, i think this game was great.
Many people have been complaining about the controls, i dont know what they were talking about, they were pretty tight for me, i mean, before i configured the crossheirs to move faster i thought it was a bit sluggish, now im blasting my way through giant bugs and thousands of pirates. I mean, sure maybe those who had the 360 version would find this control scheme awkward, but for those who dont, they could easily grow onto it and becomg pros.
The sound was EXCELLENT, nice surround sound. i could tell where the aliens were just by listening. Also, the rumbling sound of avalanches coming, the distant exlposions and snarls/growls of unknown beasties are definitly a treat for the ears.
Graphically, Lost Plant is impressive, The snow effects made me feel like i was looking at a frozen wasteland. Motion blur effects are added to increase the eye candy. Oh and did i mention how the explosions are so good looking that you may actually chuck a grenade at you're own fet to take a look?
The design for each character, monster and level are spot on. The detailed level designs bring the game to life ,along with witty characters with great animation. Suprisingly, even the minor monsters are detailed and you can easily tell them apart from eachother. It makes each one unique.
However, there are some minor flaws which prevent this game from reaching its FULL potential, the linear glameplay isn't so great, kinda like heading from point A to B. Several Physics flaws like rocks dissappearing as they run down a hill or being able to walk trhough a thick metal dorr that you just busted down. But these problems don't make the game bad and you will soon forget about them as you go along.
I don't really know what else to say about this game, but it's a definite Reccomendation, it will keep you busy for days on end with its stellar Online and replayable single player. Hopefully, you (the reader) are not one of those who will quickly judge a game by how it feels, looks or sounds before getting to know it better. So whatcha waiting for? go get it