lost planet 3 multiplayer

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I want the makers of this game to hear me. I used to play lost planet 1 the story mode was fantastic in 1 and 2 but the multiplayer on lp2 was rubbish. Please bring back the option to choose 1 weapon for example i remember playing training facility with just the rocket launcher. playing with a sniper only etc Playing lost planet 1 multiplayer was the best game ive ever played, those days were awesome, i would love for you to bring that back please. i cant express how much fun i had playing that game online. lost planet 2 online had a different feel and i was really disappointed and so was like 15 of my friends. i understand your making a new game but the original fan base was built on lost planet extreme condition and those people enjoying online. i think on lp2 when being shot you are disabled from shooting. i cant remember but all i know is i had so much fun playing lp1 please listen to this feedback and consider. its not just me i have round 30 friends all agreeing on this.