I'm excited for this game.

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Have to admit, last two games in this series sucked really bad, however i am pretty excited for this one, because it is a fresh new storyline and gameplay and controls look much better. I can really hardly see LP3 being a fail after the last two games being terrrible, i think this game is going to be a big improvement, otherwise it was pointless to make this game.
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That's plenty to assume before it's release. However, I'm happy there's a third on the way too. Plus I hope they bring back the multiplayer challenges from LP2, but improved and balanced out and not so focused on co-op; sometimes I like to finish a level by myself.

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Yeah, the multiplayer in Lost planet 3 was amazing.
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Okay, how about some on-your-feet thoughts about LP3 now that it is released?  For me you can focus on SP and skip MP stuff if you like.  I'm assuming the previous poster meant LP2 and not LP3 since the later had not been played yet.  It disturbs me no end that GameSpot's review was so low at 5.0 yet the video reviewer cannot justify this low score in his comments.  The game sounds more like a 7.0 to me.

[Wow, no one is playing or commenting on LP3--that's a bad sign for something that was just released the end of August.]

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all boring people must love this boring game of the year. bad hero. character looks like porn star.