I cannot defeat the scorpion

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hi folks is somebody there who can help me with advices? I'm playing lost planet 3 on pc and must fight against the scorpion with the rig on shackleton's peak: I do all things the game says (Q, Z, MouseL) but there is no way to defeat the scorpion even when fight ten munites or more... can I possibly do some mistakes? what can I do? I cannot override this fight either so I stick completely :-((( please s.o.s. franco from italy
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If you switch the rigs drill to the blowtorch (y on the 360 not sure what it is on the pc) then beat the scorpion with the arm bash until it falls on the floor flat (about three hits,) then sneak behind it and blow torch the red spot on its tail constantly until it breaks off, then follow the screen prompts.