Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is an adrenaline rush of a game...

...But is it a good game? No it's not, it's a superb game worthy of all the accolades it's received and the praise it's been given. Call of Duty 4 takes all the of the short comings of previous Call of Duties and as a sequel should it vastly improves on these and of course adds in a variety of new features and additions to the series. Call of Duty 4 also attempts to reinvent the series with great success. Call of Duty makes a seamless leap from the battlefields of World War 2 to the bombed out middle eastern cities seen in a more modern environment. I'm sure when many people heard of this change they thought about how it would work, well it did and this game feels the same as any of the Call of Duty games before it even though it's set some seventy years in the future from the years World War 2 occurred.

Call of Duty 4 does something the previous Call of Duties did not, it creates an engaging and intense story line which the player really cares about. You care about all the characters this time around and their fates in the end. The story is also fantastically told and this game has some of the best levels in recent history as seen in "Ghillies in the Mist" or "One shot, one kill". Previous Call of Duty games were essentially you in a squad going through various famous battles of World War 2 and you always win these battles. Call of Duty 4 does something else and it brings you into brand new battles never seen before. Without spoiling anything the events of the stories differ greatly from previous Call of Duties and it is a really good story.

Of course what would a good story be without upstanding gameplay to back it up. Call of Duty 4 by now has pretty much gotten gameplay down to a science as they should. The controls on the PC platform work perfectly and are all easy to use. The shooting feels devastating and everything about it feels so right yet so wrong if that makes sense. The enemy AI in Call of Duty 4 is only as smart as you want it to be, on easy it's downright stupid but on veteran you'll go against some of the most challenging opponents you'll play in any first person shooter. They will attempt to trick you, knife you, grenade you, and take cover. The level design of Call of Duty 4 is linear but it's done well. This is an example of a linear shooter done with success.

Technically Call of Duty 4 is excellent. The graphics are stellar and look beautiful throughout and the vast variety of environments in the single player really show off what this engine can do. Night environments and day light environments all look great and the explosions and character models look excellent. The sound in this game is also well done, each explosion and gun shot sounds great. The voice acting is also superb, dialogue is well delivered and the script is well written. It makes the story a lot more enjoyable.

Call of Duty 4 in the end is an excellent game well worth your money. If you crave a game with a good single player this game is worth a buy but hopefully you enjoy multiplayer. The multiplayer is the real lasting factor of the game and it makes the value. It's excellent to say the least and is enjoyable with the addition of ranks, perks, and unlocks. Call of Duty 4 is a game you'll enjoy and it's well worth a purchase as it is one of the most popular games out there right now.