Lord of Arcana Cheats For PSP

  1. Titles

    By performing various tasks, you can unlock "Titles", which is synonymous in this case with "Achievements" or "Trophies".

    Code Effect
    Defeat 5 or more Agni-type Monsters Soul Of Fire
    Defeat 15 or more Agni-type monsters Volcano
    Defeat 30 or more Agni-type monsters Fire Spinner
    Defeat 5 or more Bahamut-type monsters Heavenly Ruler
    Defeat 15 or more Bahamut-type monsters Dragonier
    Defeat 30 or more Bahamut-type monsters Dragon Hegemony
    Defeat 5 or more Vermilion-type monsters Slashing Soul
    Defeat 15 or more Vermilion-type monsters Emperor
    Defeat 30 or more Vermilion-type monsters Scarlet King
    Defeat 5 or more Azdaja-type monsters Poison-Eater
    Defeat 15 or more Azdaja-type monsters Viper
    Defeat 30 or more Azdaja-type monsters Two-Headed
    Defeat 5 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Grace Under Pressure
    Defeat 15 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Gravity
    Defeat 30 or more Hecatoncheir-type monsters Giant
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 5 times Embracing Risk
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 15 times Warrior
    Defeat a Grendel-Type monster 30 times Dancing Swordlight
    Defeat a Nidhogg-Type monster 5 times Shattering Soul
    Defeat a Seigfried-Type monster 5 times Impervious Soul
    Defeat a Seigfried-Type monster 15 times Knight
    Complete 50 Quests Explorer of the Abyss
    Complete 100 Quests Explorer of Eternity
    Collect over 500,000 gold. Celebrity Lifestyle

    Contributed by: SMuffinMan 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough FAQ/Walkthrough by Exulus1 32K