Events In 2012 That Help Place Antichrist On His Fated Path

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Since King William V will have turned 30 years of age on June 21 2012, which is the same age Christ was at the beginning of His three year ministry, when He was baptized by John and immediately anointed by God as Israel's King, as well as the same age King David was when he was anointed as King of Israel, we may therefore see Prince William's own coronation and anointing as the King of England (false "Zion") at some point within the year 2012. If this occurs, one would then also be wise to pay close attention three years later, in 2015, when the young Merovingian King turns 33, the age Christ was when He was crucified and His earthly work ended, as this might be the fateful year when the earthly work of Antichrist would begin. If true, this would almost certainly mean his time as the Antichrist would begin, heralded by his confirming a (false) Peace Covenant with Israel and its enemy Arab neighbors, which by that time would also have to include Russia and Iran, the two nations defeated in what would be by that time, the former 'Battle of Gog and Magog' where God Himself supernaturally destroyed their invading armies while yet upon the Golan Heights and northern mountains of Israel, thus fulfilling Ezekiel 38-39. If such a treaty occurs, therefore, with King William V confirming it in 2015, it would also start the official countdown of his 7 years as the Antichrist, to culminate and end at the Battle of Armageddon, when Christ returns approximately 2,520 days later. Closer to the present, and as the year 2012 plays itself out, 2012 will certainly prove to be a vital year in regards to the British Royal family, beginning in early June 2012, with the celebration of Queen Elizabeth's 'Diamond Jubilee' (60th year) on the Throne, of which there may come a sign that she might not see her 70th, so look for that. Only one month later, also in London, comes the London 2012 Olympic Games, officially known as the London Games of the XXX Olympiad, held July 27 to August 12 of the ill-fated year. Certainly the eyes of the world shall be on London during that time and on the Royal Family itself, namely Prince William and his new wife. It will no doubt become the one of the greatest security nightmares in recent western history, or so it will be touted as such. Given that there has been several lapses within Royal Security in times past, in and around the Royal residence(s) of Buckingham Palace, etc., any kind of 'terrorist attack' directed at or near the British Aristocracy would too easily provide a perfect cover story and way for the Occult underground to remove The Queen and her children from power in a single day, leaving only William left to assume his fated role as Britain's next Monarch.

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Epyx Summer Games was the best. And for your religeous rant. :D