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OK I feel silly asking, but HOW DO YOU ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE?! Seems like the first call you get from your Mom answers automatically, but I don't remember a tutorial explaining how to answer calls when the little pink phone icon appears in the lower right hand corner. What self respecting teenager can't answer a phone? Please help!

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You don't. The only phone calls that get answers are the ones that Juliet answers automatically via the mini-cutscenes. The rest of the phone calls go straight to her messages, which can be accessed by temporarily pausing the game.

If you're asking because of the achievement, don't worry about it. It'll automatically unlock as soon as you completely play through the game at least once, even if you don't keep checking the messages.

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Thanks. Hadn't checked achievements yet, just curious about calls, didn't want to miss anything. Wasn't aware of checking messages. Much appreciated!

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It's no problem. I actually had to ask someone the same question when I first got the game, as did many other people.  Probably would have helped if the game developer had included an actual manual with the game. lol