Loki its a solid RPG and not a CLONE of diablo 2.

User Rating: 7.5 | Loki PC
Why that everytime a game like loki comes out its automaticaly tagged like "diablo clone"? I know diablo its an outstanding game, a classic and a giant of all time. But we can't compare everything to it, Loki its the same genre as diablo but it has completely diferent gameplay mechanics even as its based on diablo. Loki its a solid RPG with 4 chars to choose from, a good ambient (the nordic campaign its really cool, and fenrir its one of the coolest boss fights i had, this is also cause I love nordic mythology of course), the graphics in the game are pretty good, but unfortunetly there are some bad texture here and there and also some great textures. The gameplay its the worst thing in loki, running around the scenario can sometimes be problematic, the char always run against the wall until you make im run somewhre else, and sometimes monsters apear off limits...
despite this kind of things loki its a nice looking game with a cool single player campaign and a nice variety of completly diferent chars. worth playing.