A solid game which is too ravaged by bugs to be enjoyable on the whole.

User Rating: 5 | Loki PC
Loki seemed like a very good game to me in the build up to the eventual release by Cyanide. I was seeing it as possibly one of the best Hack N Slash games since the legendary Diablo series. Sadly, as it turned out I was left very dissapointed.

After buying the game and installing it, I initally had an error starting the game on my PC with no error messages or indication of what the problem was coupled with a lack of technical support. A visit to the games offical forums didn't help iether, but did unearth many other issues. (Which i'll come back to later.) So, after this hiccup I decided to try the game on a labtop instead with it thankfully installing and starting properly this time. The game plays quite well, to my suprise. Nothing spectacular, but really enjoyable and I was just getting into the game...and it random crashes to the desktop. I start it up again, happens at the same point. At this point I go onto the aforementioned games offical forums to get the patch (After reading warnings that the patch made it worse) and installed that. No problems at the same point, but more began to surface. Random freezes, getting stuck for no reason and the occassional bout of enemies just falling to the ground.

The game is fun to play and quite expansive in terms of skills and items, but as far as a Hack 'n' Slash goes, it seemed to falter in the innovation department. I couldn't set it apart from any other game I played, apart from the fact at times it was a joke. Enemies were just too easy to kill at one point, then I have a boss who's hard as nails to adapt too.

I gave the game a few days play-through until the end of the first chapter of it, as at that point the portal to the next stage of the game decided not to work. After reading that the whole Loki project had been abandoned so Cyanide can focus on an 'Upcoming MMORPG' aswell, this was the point I gave up and hoped for a refund, as I felt tricked- rather ironic of the God the game is named after. On the whole, Loki is a solid, decent game to play...provided you have the paitence of the gods to deal with the various bugs it issues at you- more challenging than any monster in the game.