Live A Live Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Prehistoric Chapter Secrets

    Both of these require you to see the scene with Gori and the female monkeys, and getting him back in your party at the Kuu Tribe caves. Both take place in the field where Gori and Pogo were first exiled to before.

    Code Effect
    There's a rock that looks like a face near the upper right cave. Press A on it ONLY!! 100 times, then a cave opens. Offer a bone to the tablet inside. Rock
    To find this tough boss, look for him on the field. Sniffing may show a running mammoth instead of a deer. Win to get the KingFang. KingMammoth
  2. Present Chapter - Extra Technique

    Normally you would have to level Masaru to level 16 to get this technique, in the final chapter, but you CAN get it early!

    Code Effect
    Fight Jackie Yowkeya. Bring down his HP, use Armlock and C.H. Hold on him (optional but it helps) and stand 1-2 squares away. Eventually he'll use it. Daigekido
  3. Science Fiction Chapter - Saving on ''Captain Square''

    If you collect the MemoryCard item, you don't have to start Captain Square over each time!

    Code Effect
    After Kirk dies, go in his room, use the terminal and enter the password "Warp". Then check under his bed. MemoryCard

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