Must have!

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Since i got resistance2 i only played it on ps3. it was and it is my favorite game on ps3.
but igot one game that was nearly as good.
little big planet is fun.It offers lots of customizeation.And fun moments.
ilove design maps(resistance maps :)
You can make all kinds of cool things.
Something like zombie horror maps or just happy and beutifull maps.
You can allso customize your "sackboy" pretty much.
Its good game and LOT(lot)of fun!
physics of game are good allso.
Game earns more than 9.0 but it cant reach 10.0
This is my opinion!
if someone has diffrent opinion share it and ill tell tou whatch wrong with the review.
Theres really needings for second part for this game.

My top ps3 games:
2:resistance fall of man
3.little big planet
4.uncharted drakes fortune
5.Gall of duty4 modern warfare