You can't enough of this pesky sackboy! LBP revolutionized the idea of 3rd generation gaming! Great game =)

User Rating: 10 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
LBP is a what a 3rd generation game should be like; in terms of gameplay, graphics, creation etc ... The game is very addictive, and fun. Online gaming is very grasping, new levels everyday. Addictive survival challenges. Good online multiplayer. This game has it all. I reallt enjoy playing in levels created by people from all over the world, Which brings the element of competitivness to creating the best levels u could. LBP is a sureley classic that will continue to flying from the shelves for years to come !!! it attracts kids aswell as grown-ups, due to the selection of user-created levels from easy to hard. Cute to creepy, Races, Viechles, helicopters, creatures and celebrities. You name it it's there. loved the game to bits . I recommend it for people who want a game to have for a long time and never get bored from it. 10/10 for little big planet for me =p go buy it nowwwwwwww ure missin out the fun, and when u do buy it, fun shall overcome.