A cute little game that gives you the cance to make you own level and share it with the other that have the game. Fun !!

User Rating: 10 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
This game is a must for your PS3 collection. It is fun to play and fun to make your own level. Sackboy is so cute and you can unlock or buy clothes and things to dress Sackboy up. Jump, pull, and bounce you way through levels. As you try to help those in little big planet. Make sure you understand that some of the levels you need help with so be glad you can get online with the game and find some players willing to help you out. Some levels you need up to 4 players to get though the level. Others you only need two. Some levels are hard to get through. You will find youself doing a level many times just to get through it. Some levels are easy and you will find youself glad that you had those levels. Also it is fun if you have little kids they can play too. So this is a great family game to play. I get the game lots of praise for they way they made it.