Createtivite pusehd to its limit with wacky fun and good graphics, a must play for ps3 owners

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
In the years of the video game era we've had creative and fun games. Nintendo brought us the most famous video game icon ever,Mario. Also we've had characters like kirby and starfie. But creative and yet and at the same time fun, we havent came across yet. But fear not video game lovers LPB is here. Offering some pretty awesome levels and funn little characters to pass through in the story mode. Not only is the story mode fun and exciting the online play is awesome. LBP is fully customimizabile (sorry bout the spelling) by picking up goodies you can edit your character. You start out with just rag boy ( the lil smiley dude on the front of the package) and tehn on you can unlock clothes and other stuff for him. But theres a downfall to the fun and creativity..... The story mode took me a 15 year old teenager about 4 hours to finish so if your looking for a long story your not finding it here. But dont buy this game just because of short story because the create your own map mode engrosses you in the game for up to 5 weeks of fulll on making your own world. So overall the game is excellent and its a nother reasone that playsation only games are awesome. A truely must play by renting the game or buying