It's different, fun and an instant classic!

User Rating: 9.5 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
When I was deciding on whether or not to buy this game, I must admit, I was doubtful. Eventually I did and I have no regrets. Absolutely superb, almost perfect in my opinion.

It is so different it is a breath of fresh air in gaming, I was beginning to wonder whether anything new was ever going to crop up with lots of games similar to one another. There is one key thing which makes this game stand out from others, this is the create feature.

The create feature is an amazing new feature which allows players around the globe to create an play their own levels. These levels can then be published to the PlayStation Network where anyone can play them, rate them and tag them. Unfortunately, making levels can be quite time consuming but at the end of it all it is well worth the wait. Some people make some fantastic, innovative levels which you can pick out by using the search feature. You can search for the most "hearted" levels, these are the ones that are chosen by other LBP players as one of the best, you always know you're in for a treat playing these levels. You can also search for the most played levels, which obviously speaks for itself. Or search for a level with tags and words of your choice. There is a massive range of published levels from shooters to Mario Kart races, there is something for everyone on uploaded levels.

When you are creating your own level you have many different tools guiding you along the way, these include the application of music to your level and many others which help you to create your own objects. These objects can be placed into prize bubbles which other players can pick up and use themselves in their own levels. This game is all about sharing objects with people which help them create their own levels for you to play. Helping people almost results in them returning the favor with a new level for all to see.

If you cannot receive online features with your PS3 don't worry. When I first got this game I had no online access and still thoroughly enjoyed the game. You can still play the wide range of main path story levels in which you can collect items and clothing to use during the game. You can play with up to four friends in offline multiplayer where you can also play the main path story levels for help from them.

The LittleBigStore (online feature) is a place where you can download new features for use in-game. There have recently been some new creative tools added along with often clothing additions for purchase - sometimes these are free. I have downloaded clothing such as a Statue of Liberty costume and a Monkey King costume which I picked up for free!

You may now be wondering why I didn't give this game a 10/10 rating. Well the reason for this is the fact there is some reasonably serious online lag. The camera can't keep up with four players very well and often players are left behind or trapped. Also, when you first join an online level the game sort of goes into a fast forward mode, whether this is deliberate I don't know but it certainly doesn't seem it. Loading screens commonly appear during the start of a 2-4 player online game which can also be quite annoying as your innocent little sackperson is gadding around a loading screen will appear and they will have to stop. Tragedy.

Overall though, this is but a tiny problem balanced out by such a magnificent game, helped along by the witticisms of the one and only Stephen Fry. I can't think of a better person who could have filled that role and for me it is a definite purchase for anyone who wants anything different from the average game.