If you were a cute fluffy sackboy in your own imaginary world were you can do almost and even create anything.

User Rating: 9 | LittleBigPlanet PS3
Well then this game is for you. It is a great way to be creative and expand your imagination. Its fun for all ages and most people say, oh little big planet sounds like a kiddy game. Well it is but its still fun.

Graphics: The graphics are great. Like most next-gen games the graphics are nice bright and colourful to look at. The back grounds look amazing and cool to look at and have a fell of the setting.

Sound: the sounds in this game are like the graphics. its amazing. good SFX and the music is great and matches the setting. (exp. if your in a dark scary place the music is spooky) you can even customize some of the music in the game.

gameplay: The gameplay is great in this game. So much to do. You can collect all the items in levels or try to not die so you can get extra costumes. The game play is endless and fun with other players because there are some parts were you need more then one person to get items. There is even a create mode for you to make your own level and enjoy and share online. Many trophy's in the game and endless of fun. controls are easy and simple to remember. Many cloths you can collect.

Over all it's an endless game to play and fun for the ages!