Too generic

User Rating: 3 | LittleBigPlanet Karting PS3


Great voice over work that is entertaining to listen to and it has a great sound track as well. Sound effects can get quite repetitive though.


Not as impressive as I thought it'd be. Doesn't fully load an area during a race until you are right on top of it. A few minor visual issues as well.

Game Play:

Your generic racing game play, Similar to games like Mario Kart. You have your gas, breaks, and button to press to use items. It's fine but gets quite boring after a while, Especially when playing against the CPU.


Terrible menu layouts make navigation a bit confusing. Tedious and very boring game play that will quickly lose your interest after a couple of races. Poor done tutorials. Creating your own levels is a massive pain and no where near as fun as it should be. A majority of items you have to buy when customizing your character or kart.

Overall: 3/10

Poorly designed menu layouts, Overly complicated level creation, and the fact that most customization items cost you actual money (on top of what you paid for the game) make is a massive disappointment. It could have been a far better game if they had made things easier and weren't so money hungry.