Sackboy is back ladies and gentlemen and he is somewhat better than ever

User Rating: 9 | LittleBigPlanet 2 PS3
Little Big Planet 2 introduces tons to the platforming of the original while still keeping the cute charm alive. The creation tools are easier and the graphics crisper.

The story mode seems much shorter than the original. That's not really a complaint as the community is the main focus of the game. The story is about Sackboy helping the Alliance defeat the Negatrivition to save craft world. It sounds silly and it is. About half the levels are pure platforming while the others are a mix of vehicle modes. There really isn't much challenge in to complete the game mode, but it will take many more play throughs to collect all the stickers and objects.

There are brand new cut scenes in the game. They are complete with voice actors and great music. The only complaint I have with them are they have their own spot on the world map making for some extra load times.

There are bonus stages to take your attention away from the main levels. Some of them are versus and others have other challenges. The versus levels are lots of fun with a friend or an online player. These side levels are by far better from those of the first.

Playing with another player is vital to experiencing the game. You can play with three more friends at home or join some people online. You can do anything you can do by yourself with other people, a rarity in most games. The only bad thing is that it can be hard to find a good group of people and that load times increase tremendously when with other people.

The game controls better from the first. Sure they might be a little floaty and you might miss a jump or two, but they never take away from the experience. The game's graphics are also much improved and the bright colorful world looks brilliant.

The main lure of Little Big Planet is the community. It is now much easier to make complicated levels. I'm not creative at all and I can make a decent level without a problem. The tutorials are better as well now, and you can clearly see whats in all of the 52 videos. The community seems to be growing nicely, and the new levels will surely start to surpass the creations of Media Molecule.

The main addition to the create mode are ways to add your own personal touches to the levels. It is now easy to add your own voice or pictures to the game. You can now also create your own cut scenes and they are easy to make look good.

Overall Little Big Planet 2 is an improvement of the original in almost every way. There isn't really that much new but that's not to the game detriment. Everything's easier to do now and you will find it much more rewarding. This game is a must have in every PS3 owners collection if they want to play a true rare gem.