Lips: I Love The 80s Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Code Effect
    Score points in all 40 Lips I the '80s songs. Thrashin' '80s (30)
    Score points in 20 or more Lips I the '80s songs. Rockin' '80s (20)
    Score points in 10 or more Lips I the '80s songs. Poppin' '80s (20)
    Earn a Pitch medal in the song "A Little Respect". A Little Respect (20)
    Earn a Rhythm medal in the song "Our House". Rhythm in The House! (20)
    Earn a Stability medal in the song "Gold". You're Gold (20)
    Earn a Technique medal in the song "Shout". Tech & Shout (20)
    Earn a Performance medal in the song "Too Shy". Too Bold (20)
    Earn a Party medal in the song "Celebration". It's a Celebration (20)
    Win in Vocal Fighters with a 4-point difference on the song "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me". Make Me Cry (20)
    Earn a Big Bang rating in the song "Relax". Relax Explosion (20)
    Rank "Match Made in Heaven" in the Kiss minigame on the song "The Power of Love". Power Of Love (20)

    Contributed by: R351D3NT3V1L4 

  2. Avatar Awards

    Code Effect
    Earn a Big Bang Rating and hit all gestures in the song "Relax". Chillin' Blazer
    Achieve the Big Bang score in the song “Whip It” Problem Solver

    Contributed by: Guard Master