Nothing is perfect, but this game represents cutting-edge concepts for its' time, and the weenies who give it less than 9.0 are out of line, so I am out of line in the other direction to neutralize them.

Excellent graphics, the innovative 'Bullet Time', and a tongue-in-cheek film-noir script make this stupendous!

I am not usually a fan of shooter games, just because we US citizens kill too many of each other every year anyway, so I think the theme is generally in bad taste. Canadians have 10 Million households and 7 Million guns, but they kill each other at at surprisingly low rate compared to the US. I don't blame shooter games (or Maryilyn Manson) for US shootings, as the press is wont to do, but I just don't usually like the theme.

This game is somewhat different. It's a gritty detective story, and you incidentally have to shoot your way through it. It's as much strategy as it is shooter, because you can easily run out of resources if you don't plan ahead. Balancing your ammo and your available Bullet Time are critical to moving ahead in the game, and you want to, because the story is interesting.

This one set the stage, and I will soon be plowing into Max Payne 2. If you haven't done so, you should try it for yourself.