Since The Amiga, Lemmings Has Always Stuck With There Original Gameplay And Still Stands Now.

User Rating: 8 | Lemmings PSP
GOOD- Original Gameplay still stands; Hundreds Of different levels; create a level; very addcitive; decent looking graphics

BAD- Create a level is abit hard; Some levels are just to plain easy

Well, if you've never ever been on a Lemmings game, then your either to young, or you never had a games consol, because lemmings as been out for almost 2 decades since there first arrival on the Amiga, the PSP version still holds up its original gameplay were you gotta guid these little critters from one end of the level to the other with as little of lemmings dieing per level!, you have many tools to help you out, like make a lemming dig, climb or block and many more, theres hundreds of different levels New and Old! but some levels are just plain easy, and i mean easy!.

Superb looking graphics that holds up with little glitches and guns and small framerate probblems, the visual look are superb, there colourful and in 3D, you can zoom in or out and no matter what you do the pixels dont stretch, so the Graphics are great!

The sound of the little critters reaching the door at the end is just as satasfiying as playing the game itself....maybe not but you cannot dislike there noises, pretty cool music, but there is'nt alot to say about the music at all, nothing to complain about though