Amazing for its time.

When this game came out a few years ago, it was the best game I have ever played. It was ambitious by combing the FPS and Role-Playing genres. You could play the game almost anyway you liked and be rewarded or punished as a result.
Gameplay - Since there were so many ways you could play the game, it was almost like 2 games in one. You could sneak around all the levels, or just kill every last person. I love the idea of the game letting you decide how you want to play a level.
Graphics - I believe Deus Ex used the Unreal Engine. It looked excellent several years ago, but the game has aged. There are some neat lighting effects and blood effects, which looked amazing at the time.
Sound - When I played it on a newer computer, I noticed that I was still experiencing some static after hitting something. It was always very strange to me. I also have to complain about the acting at some parts in the game. Sometimes, it would sound like a completely different person was voicing a character in the game, which can be very confusing.
Value - Very long game with GREAT replay value. The multiplayer is decent but I don't think anyone plays this anymore.
Tilt - One of the best games of all time in my opinion. This game really changed the way I now look at an RPG or FPS.