The Metal Gear game that we all been waiting for.

This game is the Mona Lisa of the Metal Gear franchise. This game has everything you would want from a Metal Gear game. It has an amazing online game, a new improved camera system that allows you to go to a third person view and the two original Metal Gear games. What else could you want from Metal Gear Solid 3. The game play is pretty much the same as other Metal Gear Solid games. The graphics are really impressive for the PS2 hardware. You would expect this kind of graphics on the Xbox, not the PS2. The music is beautifully orchestrated like in anyother Metal Gear games. The sounds of the guns, footsteps, and anything else sounds the way they should sound. This is definite buy considering all the content they give you. Even if you already have Snake Eater, you should consider buying this game. You won't find a funner game on the PS2.