Red exclamation mark on map

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I had spoken to some guy in Hobbiton who needed Mithril rope to tie up his goat. On the map, it just showed a picture of the rope. So later in the game, I found the recipe card thing for the rope and went to the blacksmith in Bree and forged it. When I did that, I noticed the red exclamation mark over the guy on the map, so I assumed that exclamation mark showed that you actually HAD the item ready to give. So I gave it to him, no problem. BUT, I have a guy in Amon Hen who wants a Mithril fishing rod and there's an exclamation mark over him, but I don't have it, nor is it available for me to forge at the blacksmith. So what do those exclamation marks mean?
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I always just assumed it meant the fetch quest was ready to complete.