have trouble on getting treasure items

#1 Posted by kenny0512 (25 posts) -
i played Track Hobbits in free play and after i get the Uruk Shield, i exit the level without save and exit then i re-enter to free play again and finish the level i managed to get all 3 treasure items but the level shows 2/3 only!! but the uruk shield is already in my inventory box!! what can i do to make it 3/3 :(
#2 Posted by mrsmommy (25 posts) -
I'm having same problem on Dead Marshes level. I have all three treasures in my inventory and have used them many times (I'm at 99.4%). The game refuses to acknowledge my treasures and therefore I am missing the last mithril brick I need to get to 100%. HELP!
#3 Posted by kadh2000 (25 posts) -
Traveler's Tales hasn't released a fix for this one. As far as I know, there is no workaround.