BUG - Sauron just won't attack!

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Hey all, For some reason, in the prologue I can not get further than when the player is put against Sauron. He just stands there and laughs and never proceeds to move from the spot he's in. Never advances on the player, just laughs over and over again. I'm playing on a PC and downloaded the game from steam... I've tried verifying my game files against steam's and I've even reinstalled the game... and Sauron's still there just laughing away. I've tried contacting lego support - still waiting for a reply... Can anyone help?
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I've found the solution to my problem... If Sauron just stands there and laughs, you have to bring all three characters into the centre ring. I hadn't realised that I was leaving a character behind and once all three are in the ring with Sauron, he should attack.