A great Lego game, sweet and satisfying!

User Rating: 7.8 | LEGO Stunt Rally PC
Ok people, since gamespot did not write a review for this game, i will try to satisfy your curiosity for how good this game is. I will be completely honest.

To start off, I enjoyed this game very much. Even though I think this game has very little to do with lego, except the characters look block-like, it is still quite amusing. My favourite part is actually building the tracks. It really fun to built your own track to race on, with cool stunts, in desert, city, jungle or ice-land environment. There is also a quest/championship main game. Try to be the champ by beating the bosses of each "world" and other mini-races. Finally, face Mr. X in a face off for the Cup. Uhh, Mr. X is very annoying. He tries to help you every step of the way, like where to click, or how to do something relatively simple. Luckily you can stifle him with a "turn off Mr.X the idiot" button!

I do recommend this game for Lego fans. Others could enjoy it as well, and even more. A couple things about racing....your car stays on track for most of the time, but around corners, ya gotta break a bit to control your car. Different types of cars determine the traction or speed. You can collect power-ups around the track, and use them to set traps for the other racers, or to speed your car up in some way.

I love Lego, and hopefully you do too. This game is a bit old, so there may be technical problems if you try to install on a very new computer. Hopefully that won't happen...I have never experienced any bugs or glitches on my PC, and it's a Windows XP. This is a great game though, and I recommend it to satisfy your stunt racing crave!!
By M & S