You will realize after a just a short time , that the game is actually just a better gameboy version.

User Rating: 5.5 | LEGO Stunt Rally PC
Yes! In my eyes this is just a better version of the gameboygame ;with more tracks and of cause a much better graphic. Basically you just need 2 keys to play this game: one to acclerate and one to use a powerup. So the gameplay will be boring after just a few races.
The graphics are very bad, also in those days. The soundtrack was fun, i liked it :)
The are 4 different types: single race, random single race ,a "story" mode and even a multi-player mode for 4 players. The story mode is very short, you can finish it after less than one hour. When i played this is enjoyed the multi-player mode, but today its boring as hell.
The best thing in the game is the creation-mode, when i was a kid i spent more time in building tracks than actually in driving them. It is simple and fun.
Is there any more to say about this.. i think not.
Ok, lets get to the rating. I simply cant be to hard on this cause as a kid i loved this so much, but the gameplay is awful and just the creation-mode makes the game playable. so i think 5.5 is a fair rating for it :) thx for reading