A surprisingly good and fun Star Wars game that isn't too kiddish!

User Rating: 7.9 | LEGO Star Wars PS2
The odd and maybe even absurd Lego version of Star Wars has made it's debue and is a surprisingly good game that doesn't feel as though it's just for kids! The gameplay is solid and isn't difficult and is very basic and awkward at times, but isn't as bad as I previously thought! This game has pretty good action in it and the gameplay is at least going to be enjoyable for the most part. It does have some issues with it, but I like the overall design pretty well, even if it's a Lego game! the graphics of this game however, brings me back to either the PS1 or Dreamcast. It's basic design, but still pleasing look about it may be a little annoying to some gamers, but at least it carries the polished and clean look to it like the PS2, Xbox and Gamecube should bring! The sound is a little above average, but nothing too noticeable. It's the basic sound quality found in most games, but is still noticeably a little better than the average quality. The value in this game is probably one of it's better highlights. The game packs a load of stuff into it like co-op and over 30 different playable characters! It's definitelty fun when your playing with a friend. I found this game to be about average and have alot of good and surprisingly little bad with it! It's the first Lego game out there that will cater to the whims of most gamers!