One of the best WWII FPS out to date with its history accurate battles and gameplay that is o' so realistic.

Call of duty 2 was released after the WWII FPS era where every developer tried to release a good WWII FPS and it got old so COD 2 had a lot to live up to since it was the sequel to the great COD. The first thing one usually notices about COD 2 is the sweet next gen graphics and the thing about them is they don't need an uber computer to run them. Gameplay is a huge difference than other FPS's, which is good, with artillery shells flying over your head as the screen shakes and bullets hit the ground in front of you. COD2 really makes you think you are in WWII and even more so if you have a good quality sound system because it has great sound effects all around. Call of Duty 2 takes around 10 to 12 hours to complete with all of its missions ranging from the Russians in the snow, England in Egypt, and the US in germany. There are many weapons such as the M1 Carbine and ST-44 which are also historyically accurate just like the battlefields. The multiplayer also brings new maps and fun gameplay which lasts a longtime. Though Call of Duty 2 has many great features it also has some downsides such as no health bar so you just hide behind cover for 5 seconds to gain full health making it unrealistic. As with any FPS sometimes the enemy models glitch and the MP doesn't have the best anticheat protection so hackers can be common. Other than its minor faults, Call of Duty 2 is a must have WWII FPS with lasting play and great graphics that make it not just another first person shooter game.