Good graphic ( hi-detailed ) Good story , Good Dinamic , Very defective gameplay .... just KILL EVERYBODY and ANYTHING.

I've really liked the story line and the dynamics of the game . The graphics also impressed me with the open areas .... and the detailed objects .It can be disturbing on the fact that the game play works on kill everybody ...everything , u don't need much brain for this game . On beginning i have really liked the way the game starts , all the jail brake and stuff , it kind of remembered me of the movie "HIT " , De niro and the gang . it quite beautiful the escape on the start . Later the preparing is also fine ... meeting the BOSS-es and having your objective set.
The problems appear not on the direction of the missions, witch is good , just the way it get's u there ....it makes a terminator out of U .
i like also the story , but like i said earlier don't like that much the way it's done , to much shooting ...not very tactical, it should be after all a " Modern Tactical Shooter "