Considerably fun cooking game with endearing story

You start off as a chef in training then gradually work to become the next head chef of this fancy French restaurant. Along the way you need to satisfy your picky customers and handle working with somewhat of a motley cooking crew.

The gameplay is uncomplicated but balanced. You need to prepare the dishes within an alloted time and you must be sure that the quality of your food doesn't go low enough that you fail to pass the final test.

The characters are , surprisingly, charming and kooky ( yes, kooky... the assistant chef and the restaurant critic who insists on disguising himself are just two examples of these ) enough to keep a player interested in finding out what will happen next. The variety of food you need to prepare and the recipes can entice one to go Ohh la la.

The downside to this game is that , to me, the utensils are a bit hard to target since they are small.

All in all, it is probably safe to say that it is a good alternative to Cooking Mama if you aren't looking for something exactly like it. And it comes with a story line.