Shadow of the Colossus is a very different game and thats a good thing.

Shadow of the Colossus is a game based around only boss battles and does a very good job at making this game make since. The story is that you have to save this girl that is dead or sick or something and you have to slay 16 of these giant and amazing looking colossus. The reason you have to slay 16 of the colossus is because this voice in this very great looking and big castle palace temple looking thing, and the voice in the tells you if you can slay the colossus you can bring the girl back to life.

The game-play is very well done since no game has done an only boss battle game. This can get repetitive at times but overall this is just so much fun and not doing puzzles and the only real puzzle is to figure out how to kill the colossus. This element of you and just the colossus and you is very neat which is good because you can go around and find whatever and just explore this big and beautiful looking environment.

The graphics in this game are just so well done and great to look at and its just so beautiful to look at and this game captures a fantasy feel with these graphics. The graphics also make you think how long it might of took to make a game with these graphics, you can also get to some place high and just look around at this eye gazing environment.

The sound my be as just as good as the visuals because like is said the graphics fit the fantasy feel and the sound also does a really good job at fitting the fantasy feel. There is probably only one thing you can say about the sound is when you are on your horse and tap the X button to make your horse to go fast the character makes some of the same sounds over again but thats just a minor thing.

This game can be beat pretty fast like in a couple of hours or so but you can go through the game in hard mode its the same thing but its nothing that exciting except for more of a challenge.
So if you like fantasy action adventure games than this one want disappoint.