The RTS that we have always wanted!!!

In general the size and scope of this game are what allow for it to be one of the more strategic RTS games. The scale allows for different strategies to not only exist but also have more of an impact. For example, an attack that is well balanced in terms of units that attack from range, in the air, and with fodder may seem to be ideal; however, a strong player of this game will be able to use his strategy to pick at the attacking force before overwhelming it. The scale of the game also increases the need of the players to stay informed about what there opponent is doing. This not only includes drones that can be cheaply manufactured and provide early warning of an attack, but also being able to react to the type of threat one if facing and be to commit to battle the units that are best for countering the attack. The only problem with this game is its hardware requirements. However, running this game on a top of the line machine makes for the most enjoyable RTS experience to date. The fact that the games graphics are so demanding will likely be the reason for the games staying power. I can easily envision myself playing this game on and off over the period of many years without watching the game become dated.