It's so...bizarre

The game is a bit fun at first, but automatically you'll feel the boredom. It's just so repetitive. There is 12 levels in the game, and at a higher level you must suck more tanks of blood. It's sometimes really strange, like when Rena is practicing her fighting, we have to fly and hit a button on her phone so it can ring, and she ends up talking to a friend when he/she didn't even call. Bizarre isn't it? Don't let those guys squish you while you're in the middle of sucking their blood, 'cause it's really annoying if you lose.

The graphics. For an early PS2 game they're good, but they're a bit ugly, like the mother, who looks like a boy.

The sound. Whatever is said is repeated and gets really annoying, and sometimes a bit stupid like what Rena says when practicing her fighting.

You would never want to play the game again. It has such little replay value.