If your looking for an educational and fun game starring everyone's favorite Nintendo character, don't buy this game.

Mario is Missing really does sound like a good idea. All kids love Mario right? Well, let's mix the fun of his sidescrolling adventures with some facts about the world. But there's really none of this in there. It's just a sad game starring Luigi where you don't really do much of anything.

The game begins when Luigi discovers Mario is kidnapped. He must travel around the world to find him. So Luigi goes to China to see Chinese stereotypes, then he goes to India to see Indian stereotypes, and then he goes to Italy to see fellow Italian stereotypes. This is literally all the game is. No learning happens here, if anything, it will just make kids more ignorant.

The gameplay is non-exsistent; you walk in a straight path and can talk to things sometimes. The graphics are horrible; the sprites are ripped from Super Mario World, and the backgrounds are the most simple I've ever seen. The sound is the worst any Mario game has to offer, and the replay value goes down the drain right when you realize you will never play this game again. There is no reason whatsoever to purchase Mario is Missing. It's the plumber's worst title, and people should just stay away from it.