Gamespot got it right ...this time!

I will not go into great detail on this game as the Gamespot review is spot on!

The game is fun, really fun! As a diversion. I am playing it with friends in co-op mode and it is a hoot! I don't see this as one that I will turn too very often, but it is fun in a campy sort of way.

Has a very B-Movie feel to it. The voice work is completely cheesy and hillarious, yet serviceable and the graphics are decent. Not bad, but certainly not excellent. The story feels more like watching the movie DOOM, after the second cut scene I stopped reading the PDA's and computers as they plot and story is pretty ho-hum. The action does get exciting at times ... worth a rental or a borrow from a friend, if possible or if your patient this will hit the bargain-bin in no time I am sure! The guys at my local Gamestop didn't even know they had it!

Oddly enough it is a system hog ... I have a decent machine (above recommended) and I still see some pretty good chop in the cut scenes and when the action gets hairy.

All-in-all a nice game that flew in under the radar ... Just dont expect too much!